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Our new yoga poster was born from the desire to have a beautiful poster at home showing the essential yoga postures. Since we didn’t find one in the stores, we simply decided to make a learning poster by ourselves!

The outcome was a high-quality A1 poster on which 9 yoga students attending a yoga school in Berlin are showing 67 yoga postures.

All positions are entitled in German, English and Sanskrit. The Asanas are combined in single sections: exercises for the beginning, stationary positions, backward bends, forward bends, reverse positions and practices for relaxation.

The poster format is 60 x 80 cm (German A1-Format) and printed on firm paper in offset printing.

The selling price amounts to EUR 14.90 plus P&P

World wide shipping: Buy our poster at artflakes: Yoga Poster @ artflakes

Are you interested in buying or selling our poster? Special rates for yoga schools. Contact us per Email: info@yoga-poster.de

Our exclusive distributor for the US: Yoga Life Style